Two Classic Penned Works By Suman Deswal

Who is Suman Deswal?

Suman Deswal is a teacher from Haryana who has penned down her thoughts in two of her latest releases “Fragment Childhood: Self-Reflection is scary, but necessary for growth” and “Magic of Concentration-Vol.1” Both these books have unique contents as the first one is related to Women Empowerment and social justice for women; while the later aims at improving a child’s approach towards studies by enhancing their concentration skills. Recently she has launched her new website where readers may directly interact with this skillful writer.

Fragmented Childhood: Self-Reflection is scary, but necessary for growth.

Fragmented Childhood is about a girl who had then become an expert in hiding her feelings and emotions. She believed that if she ever shared her feelings and experiences with anyone, then all that she would get in return was scolding and punishments. When she went to higher studies, she had developed a ray of hope in her mind that she would then make friends but her poor fortune didn’t spare her! She was sexually harassed by many people! She was heartbroken and devastated! Every day she used to cry in pain because of being physically and mentally tortured. And then something miracle happened in her life! It changed her completely! She realized her inner power and moved ahead in life…

Magic of Concentration-Vol.1 

Magic of concentration is an ultimate handbook for your child to improve concentration.

Making a small child sit in a place is never an easy task. Even new toys for grabbing his/her attention usually ends up being sidelined in just ten minutes, after which your child moves on to grab another thing.

The matter only gets worse when you have to make them sit for a task demanding their focus like for doing homework, etc. Are these concentration problems related to one child only? Absolutely not!

Children, in general, are super active, curious and always running around. This makes it hard for them to sit down and concentrate on a task which is boring for them. A different approach is thus the need of this hour. This book is one such effort to improve your child’s concentration power.

This book is only available in the Author’s Website.

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