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Pratap Chandra Sarangi, MP share PM Modi’s Vision for Progress and security

Baleshwar (Odisha) [India], May 31: On Saturday, June 1st, you will vote and determine the future of the country. Every citizen holds a significant responsibility in this grand celebration of democracy. As we approach this crucial day, it’s imperative to reflect on the leadership that has guided us through unprecedented challenges and brought forth remarkable progress. 

Prime Minister Modi’s Achievements

Yesterday, you all had the opportunity to listen to Shri Narendra Modi live in Baleshwar. As we contemplate who should lead as the Prime Minister of India, it’s essential to recognize the transformative achievements under Honorable Shri Narendra Modi’s leadership. One of the most notable accomplishments is the development of a vaccine in under a year, a feat that safeguarded the lives of millions during the most significant epidemic of the century. This rapid response is a testament to the nation’s scientific prowess and the government’s unwavering commitment to public health.

Modi Ji’s tenure has seen the implementation of numerous schemes aimed at the welfare of all citizens. These initiatives have elevated India’s prestige on the global stage and have fostered a sense of national pride. In terms of national security, Modi Ji has effectively countered threats from Pakistan and China, ensuring the protection of India’s borders and the safety of its citizens.

Empowering Women and Farmers in Odisha

In Odisha, particularly, the BJP government has laid out extensive plans to empower women and support farmers. Lakhs of women in the state are set to receive various services, with a notable plan to reimburse chit fund deposits at Rs 31,000 per quintal. This initiative aims to provide financial relief and security to countless families. Furthermore, farmers will receive their dues within 48 hours, ensuring they are adequately compensated for their hard work.

Each woman in Odisha will receive fifty thousand rupees through Subhadra coupons, a move designed to bolster financial independence and economic stability among women. Under Modi Ji’s guidance, numerous projects have commenced in Balasore, including the development of railways, roads, vocational education centers, fishing ports, fish markets, and the Shergarh waterfall road. These projects are set to transform the region’s infrastructure and provide new avenues for employment.

Infrastructure Development in Balasore

One of the most significant infrastructure projects in Balasore is the planned conversion of the Balasore-Kharagpur road into a six-lane highway. This development will enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother transportation of goods and people, fostering economic growth. Additionally, innovative schemes are being introduced to create employment opportunities by leveraging local resources like rice and milk, reducing the dependency on traditional agriculture.

The Choice Before Us

As you prepare to cast your vote, it’s crucial to consider the future direction of our nation. The Congress party, in contrast, has yet to present a clear plan or a viable candidate for Prime Minister. Their lack of vision and direction raises questions about their ability to lead the country. Supporting Congress at this juncture could lead to political instability and hinder our nation’s progress.

In contrast, the BJP, under the leadership of Honorable Narendra Modi, has demonstrated consistent and effective governance. Modi Ji’s leadership has not only brought about substantial domestic achievements but has also enhanced India’s standing on the global stage. Therefore, the BJP remains the sole party capable of steering India towards continued prosperity and security.

A Personal Commitment

Due to time constraints, I am committed to serving you and ensuring that your voices are heard and your concerns are addressed.

In conclusion, I earnestly urge you, for the nation’s sake, to grant the BJP’s MLA candidates and myself as an MP the opportunity to serve by casting your vote for Kamal (BJP). Together, we can continue the journey of progress and build a stronger, more prosperous India.

That’s it.

Your Pratap Chandra Sarangi, Baleswar, MP and MP candidate.

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