The Crazy Tales organised the Powerful Women Awards season -2 in New Delhi.

The Crazy Tales on the 11th of May 2022 organised the Powerful Women Awards season -2 at the Maharashtra Sadan, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

The chief Guest of The event was Saurabh Bhardwaj, Delhi Jal board chairman, and MLA Greater Kailash। 

The event started with the lamp lighting ceremony which was attended by many eminent personalities like Sudesh Verma, media relations and senior leader of BJP, Col.RKPS Sisodia from Base Hospital, Parin Somani, International scholar, Dr. Paarul Singh-life coach, research scholar Shefali Raizada, life coach-Mitali Jaiswal, forensic expert Janki Nitin Gawandalkar and Founder of Crazy Tales Manish Mishra and senior official Manish Gawai, all of them were also part of the panel discussion for the day ।The event was started off with the opening speech by the founder -Amrita Kar.
It was followed by the curtain-raiser ceremony of Dr.Paarul Singh’s Book –  द -Zindagi।
Dr. Paarul Singh was also the power talk speaker for the day where she spoke about her life journey with the audience.
The Crazy Tales would like to  Specially thank Mr.Makhana, Veer Group Ltd and Indyloom, Choclate dreams By Mansi who supported the awardees and event ।

dt. Sapna Narang and Somnath Mukherjee were also other Power talk speakers who spoke about their journey of life.
This was followed by a power pack Panel discussion
The event was also attended by Sanjeev Jha, MLA Burari.
The awardees who were awarded as Powerful Women for the day were
Sujata Mukherjee     Best Women Entrepreneur 2022 (Indyloom), Dr.Trupti Upadhayay-Best Emerging  Author 2022,
Pooja Lohar- Best Emerging Writer, Shital Srivastava-Best Emerging Novelist 2022
Richa Mohan -Best Social Entrepreneur,
Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala-    Best Social Entrepreneur,
Suchita Singh -Best Model & Fashion Influencer,
Prof. Dr. Anita-Best Healthcare Expert 2022 (Oncology), Anubhooti Dixit –    Best Motivational Speaker, Dr. Aradhana Singh-Best Mental Health Coach & Mentor 2022,
Vandana Joshil -Best Social Influencer, Shankhamita A Das- Best Business Women (Event Industry), Anuradha Arora -Best Creative Personality (Art on Coffee),
A. Harshita -Best Social Worker 2022, Supreet Kaur-    Best Educator & Social Service Provider, Dr. Shaloo Chopra     Best Social Entrepreneur, Sheetal Kardam-Best Women of Excelllence 2022(Education)
,J Romalin Pattanaik -Best Real Estate Expert 2022,
Dr. Haleema Yezdani-Best Clinical Expert 2022,
Dr. Amita Shringi-Best Hypnotherapist & Psychologist 2022,
Kunjal Mahesh Vira-Best Hypnotherapist & Pranic Healer 2022,
Aarti Jhaveri-Best Women of Inspiration 2022, Sonia Goyal-     Best Social Changemaker 2022, Shivani Koul Bhatt-Best Creative Personality 2022 (Artist), Dt. Sapna Narang-    Best Nutritionist 2022,
Swati Goyal-    Best Storyteller 2022, Dr.Diksha Panwar    Best Clinical Expert 2022 (Dentistry & Aesthetic), Shefali Pandey     Best Food and Lifestyle Blogger & Influencer, Reynu Singh-Best Eye Care Provider 2022, Nutan Pundir-Best Interior Designer 2022,
Dr. Ankita Singh-Best Business Women 2022,
Aarushi Verma-Best Emerging Anchor, Pooja Jain-Best Sales & Marketing Head, Meenakshi Malik-    Best Researcher 2022,
Dr. Zia Zehra Zaidi -Women of Excellence 2022 (Education), Shivani Kandwal-Best Dietician 2022
Sarita  Kandari -Best Social Worker (Covid Service).
Manmeet Khanna-Best Fashion Influencer & Poet 2022, Dt. Vani-Best Dietician & Nutritionist – Diet Virtues, Siya Kashyap -Best Young Emerging Skater 2022,
Swapnil Singh-Best Women of Excelllence 2022(Contemporary Artist)
Ranjana Ferrao    Best Trainer & Coach 2022 (Women Empowerment), Manisha Kaushik     Best Women of Excellence 2022 (Service Industry),Pooja Srivastava Social Activist & Happiness Coach Janki Nitin Gavandalkar-    Best Forensic & Criminology Expert 2022, Sushma Vashist-    Best Society Contributor 2022 (Sankalp Charitable Trust),
Smita Sharma Dabas-Best in Education (Skills & Mentorship),
Tajinder Kaur Sonia-Best Influencer & Social Activist,
Neha Gupta-Best Rehabilitation Psychologist & Hypnotherapist, Dr. Archana Anand Kabra-Best Mental Health Expert 2022 (Homeopathy & Psychiatry),
Sunita Kapoor-Best Educational Counselor & Mentor 2022,
Dr. Swati Saxena    -Best Music Mentor 2022, Hope Teresa David-    Best Emerging Young Para Athlete,
Mansi Sachdeva-Best Cakebaker 2022 (Chocolate Dreams By Mansi),
Nitty Raj-PR    Best Prolific Writer 2022,
Dr. Asha Sahu-Best Waste Management Expert 2022,
Nandini Sinha -Outstanding Nutritionist 2022,
Malti Arora-Best Educationist 2022,
Roopali Walker-Best Independent Legal Practitioner, Kavita Mehra-     Grooming Partner,
Komal-Best Makeup Artist 
Indrani Mukerjee-Best Women of Excellence,
Tulika Singh-Best Women of Substance 2022 (Empowering Children),
Akshara Seth-Best Trainer & Coach 2022,
Shah Talimiya Sewa Samiti-    Best Social Foundation, 
Ritika Pathak-Best Digital Marketing Coach 2022,
Divya Bajpai-Best Women of Excellence 2022 (Trade & Commerce Expert),
Shopper’s Darbar-Best E-Commerce Platform on Facebook, Riddhima Dwivedi-    Best Social Entrepreneur 2022 (Entrepreneurial Development), Bhakti Shukla     Best IT Professional (Web Designer & Graphics Designer), Mrs Kavita Sharma – Best women of Inspiration 2022.

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