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Bangur Cement and News18 Launch ‘Vote Solid Desh Solid’ Campaign, Urging Citizens to Engage in Lok Sabha Elections 2024

New Delhi (India), May 29: As the Lok Sabha Polls 2024 progress, a unique initiative has emerged to galvanize citizens towards active participation in shaping the nation’s destiny.

Bangur Cement, in collaboration with the News18 Network, has introduced the ‘Vote Solid Desh Solid’ campaign, a clarion call to remind Indians of the transformative power inherent in their vote. In a country where elections are not just events but rather milestones in the democratic journey, the ‘Vote Solid Desh Solid’ campaign resonates deeply with the ethos of civic responsibility.

With an estimated one billion eligible voters, the significance of each vote cannot be overstated. It is within this context that the campaign seeks to underscore the pivotal role that every voter plays in sculpting the future trajectory of the nation. At the heart of the campaign lies a simple yet profound message: a ‘Solid Vote’ begets a ‘Solid Desh’ (nation). The symbiotic relationship between citizen engagement and national progress forms the cornerstone of this

Central to the campaign is the creation of a dedicated microsite serving as a digital hub for citizens to pledge their support with a click. However, the campaign goes beyond mere symbolism. For every pledge received, Bangur Cement has committed to donating one kilogram of cement free of cost. This philanthropic gesture aims to contribute towards alleviating the housing crisis faced by the homeless and the underprivileged in India.

Speaking at this initiative, Mr. Sushrut Pant, Head of Marketing at Bangur Cement, expressed, “The overwhelming support for Bangur Cement’s ‘Vote Solid Desh Solid’ campaign, with over 12.50 lakh individuals committing to the ‘vote ka vachan’, is truly remarkable. As we fulfil our pledge to contribute to social welfare by providing Bangur Cement for the construction of solid homes, we are delighted by the continued enthusiasm for the ‘vote ka vachan’ initiative. The first such donation was made at a rural village in Udaipur district on 22nd May 2024, benefiting 11 tribal families”

In alignment with Bangur Cement’s commitment to fostering civic engagement, News18 Network is proud to collaborate in amplifying this initiative.

“We are delighted to partner Bangur Cement in curating this public interest campaign and amplifying it through our extensive multimedia network. The initiative has and continues to feature unique stories of voters from across the country, engaged with the officials of election commission to showcase the preparation for free and fair election, voters’ outreach through vox pops, and pledge to vote which got over 12.50 lacs pledges so far. The anchors of Network18 also came forward to support this cause through various content formats – in line with our efforts and commitment to strengthening the democratic fabric of our nation.” saidSidharth Saini, SVP & Head of Marketing, Content & Operations, News18 Network.

By forging strategic alliances with organizations dedicated to social welfare, Bangur Cement underscores its commitment to translating corporate social responsibility into meaningful action. The ‘Vote Solid Desh Solid’ campaign is not confined to the digital realm alone. It will be amplified across various media platforms, including television and digital channels, ensuring maximum outreach and engagement. Through compelling narratives and emotive storytelling, the campaign seeks to ignite a sense of urgency and purpose among citizens, urging them to pledge their support for a better India.

The campaign calls upon every Indian to pledge their support for a ‘Solid Desh’ and a ‘Solid Ghar’ (home), symbolizing a collective commitment towards building a brighter future for generations to come. In conclusion, the ‘Vote Solid Desh Solid’ campaign epitomizes the fusion of corporate citizenship and media activism in catalyzing positive social change.

For those inspired to join this noble cause and make a difference, the microsite serves as a gateway to pledging support and contributing towards a ‘Solid Desh’ and a ‘Solid Ghar’.

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